Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 7: My favorite Movies

No, I'm not caught up yet. I'm workin' on it!

For Day 7, I'm sharing some of my favorite movies with ya. Now, these are only SOME of them (the ones off the top of my head basically), because there are LOTS and LOTS of movies I really love......but anyways, here's a few:

I have my old standbys:

Ferris Buehler’s Day Off


This movie is a classic. I never get tired of it.

The BBC Mini-series of Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy is the man. Nuff said.


Another BBC production of another Austen novel: Persuasion. Capt. Wentworth is totally swoon-worthy as well. Plus, for some reason, i just love the music in this movie.....


My favorite Disney movie of all time, Cinderella.


It’s just the best storyline of all time…..the girl that gets cr@pped on all her life….has everything go wrong it seems…….eventually ends up winning the prince and living happily ever after. Isn’t that what we all wish for? I know I did!

And here’s some newer favorites:

Pirates of the Caribbean


I've loved all of them, and can't wait for the next one to come out.....but the first is by far my favorite. Captain Jack Sparrow is an amazing character. Hilarious! And even with the nasty getup, he’s still mighty-fine to look at! And since it’s also one of our favorite rides at Disney World, that makes the movie even more fun for us.

Love Actually.


Have you figured out I’m kind of obsessed with British culture? Well, I am. I could totally live in London…..aside from them putting milk in their tea (not sure I could EVER get used to that), I love all things Brit. This is a great movie that just makes me smile every time I watch it. I tend to put this on when I’m wrapping Christmas presents. Not sure why, I just do.

The Proposal.


I was in love with Ryan Reynolds way back when he was on that tween show ‘Fifteen’ on Nickelodeon. I remember him from that…..he was adorable then and I had a huge tween crush on him then and he’s only gotten cuter over the years. *sigh* The movie is incredibly funny…he and Sandra Bullock (who I just LOVE) are great together, and Betty White is just awesome! Plus, I’ve been to Alaska and the scenery reminds me of that trip. Gorgeous!



This was the first blu-ray we bought. We hadn’t seen the movie in the theaters (we were probably the only people that didn’t!), and it was just GORGEOUS. The effects, the sounds, the colors….everything was just spectacular. What an amazing movie. I’m kinda excited about the sequels coming out soon!

I’m sure there’s more movies that I love I’m just not thinking of them right now……..favorites like that sometimes just depend on your mood, kwim?

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