Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6: Something that makes me happy

I told you I was going to double-blog and catch myself up......stick with me, people!

Day 6. I'm supposed to share a picture of something that makes me happy.

This makes me happy:

Most of the time, that big tub of train track pieces and parts is scattered all across that freshly-swept floor. (yes, I swept the floor for a camera-phone picture. i don't want you all to know what slobs we really are!), and that big tub of trains is usually scattered all over the house as well.

But this. makes. me. happy. Why?

Because this assortment of toys symbolizes my kids. They're creative. They build something out of pieces of plastic. That's so cool. And inspiring.

Because this mess of plastic reminds me that I'm super-lucky to have my kids in my life. There are lots and lots of people out there that would give everything they have for one healthy child to mess up their living room with toys like this. I have 3.

So this makes me happy. I don't mind the mess of toys. Because sooner than I want it to happen, those toys won't be there for me to trip over in the night.

And I'll miss that.

So for now, it makes me happy.

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