Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 22: Makin' it up as I go along.....

Day 22-What's in your makeup bag

Makeup. Duh! Well….since I have the uncanny ability to make an entire blog post out of a one-word answer, let me rephrase that. In my makeup bag there are TONS of cosmetic essentials, I’m telling you!

Let me preface this by saying this: I don’t really wear makeup. I don’t like how it feels on my face and I don’t have the foggiest idea what I’m doing when I put it on. So my morning face routine consists of me putting lots of moisturizer on, grumbling about my laugh-lines (crows’ feet, WRINKLES, whatever) and my clogged pores…..and then dealing with whatever child just yelled at me since those 15 seconds is all the time I’m allotted to myself for my beauty routine.

But back to my makeup bag: There’s foundation…..which I wear once a week, tops. For church, and that’s it. And I haven’t even been wearing it to church lately because my skin is SO DRY right now, when I put foundation on, it makes me look like a lizard. No joke. It’s gross. So I just haven’t been wearing it. Maybe I need to switch brands, I dunno. Makeup is not my forte. I should’ve put “learning how to correctly apply makeup” as one of my goals. I need someone to show me how. Seriously.

There’s blush (which I never wear, so I’m kinda stumped as to why I even have it….and am curious as to how old it must be), eye shadow (which again, I never wear except maybe those 2 times a year karl and I go out on a fancy date), eyeliner (which I DO wear……probably more often than anything else actually), mascara (again, rarely wear this because it gets in my eyes and bugs the bejesus out of me), moisturizer (which I use religiously yet still my cheeks are so dry they actually HURT at the moment), toner (which I haven’t been using since my skin is already so darned dry the thought of using toner right now seems ludicrous), some dental floss (which isn’t makeup, but it’s in the bag!), a tube of carmex (which I hate, so I’m not sure what that’s doing in there. I’m a Chapstick person. Karl’s the Carmex person), 3 tubes of lipstick (that I got free and they’ve basically remained untouched since lipstick is my least favorite makeup item. Even when I wear makeup I rarely wear lipstick. HATE the stuff….but for pictures and special occasions, I’ll put some on. Grudgingly.), and a travel-sized tube of toothpaste (half-used from my last overnight stay somewhere).

That was fascinating, wasn’t it? I hope you learned a lot about me…..and my lack of cosmetic skills.

Feel free to send me some makeup tips……or a gift certificate to Clinique. :D I’ll gladly accept either one!