Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 20: Don't call me Diane!!!

Day 20-Nicknames

Today we're supposed to talk about our nicknames.

Diva. And that’s pronounced like “Dive-uh”…..not like “a Diva with an attitude” or something. ‘Cuz I’m definitely not that! The nickname originated because my little brother couldn’t say “Diana” when he was a toddler……it came out ‘Dive-uh’…..and it stuck. And it’ll stick with me forever. Only my family (and a handful of close family friends) calls me that though. Most of the time people will assume my name is Diane (since that’s more common than Diana) or that I actually WANT to be called Diane (I don’t. It’s actually a big pet peeve of mine to be called Diane. One of the fastest ways to get me mad is to intentionally call me Diane. grrrr). But to my knowledge, Diva is the only nickname I have. Well….except for: Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mother….MA! get the idea. :D

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