Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Storms!

I love thunderstorms....some may say that's crazy, but come in the midwest, we spend half the year under a thunderstorm or tornado warning. You kinda get used to it. And I've always been fascinated by them, never scared. When I was little, my brothers and I would take lawnchairs into the cornfield next to our house and watch storms roll that I think about it, sitting in metal chairs in the middle of a big open space.....probably not the smartest thing, huh? :P I still love storms though! Last night we had one roll through, and it was the perfect scenario for me......far enough away to admire and not get wet trying to take pictures of it!

This has become my new obsession: To take a cool picture of lightning. I've taken fireworks pictures that've turned out pretty good, and tons of scenery pictures in Alaska and Ireland that I'm proud of.......and I'm always looking for a way to add to my little photography collection. And last night was my shot. I took the tripod outside and set up on the front porch (safely dry in case it DID rain), and got these 3 shots out of about 40 I took....I was pretty proud of that percentage since every other time I've tried I'd take twice as many and get nothing in return! Taking pictures of lightning is totally hit or miss....cuz don't know where it's going to be or when! :P But I had my handy remote for the camera and just tried my luck.

And when the next storm rolls in some night, you can bet I'll be out there trying to get even more pictures!


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I like storms, too! My girls...not big fans.