Monday, August 18, 2008


YAY for me! I finally won a contest over at Scrap Matters! I'm so excited! I was getting so bummed (okay, and BITTER) about never winning anything, and today I got an email saying I'd won the "cooking" challenge.....where you're given a "recipe" and you come up with a layout......our directions were:

The ingredients are:

1. Only 2 Papers

2. Only 3 Photos

3. Flowers

4. Ribbon

5. Something Metal

6. The Color Green7

. Something Transparent (See-Through, Translucent)

8. Your Photos must be arranged in a row

9. At least one element must be placed at an angle

10. You MUST include journaling and the date

And from those instructions, I came up with this.....
I think the journaling on it is what won everybody over....the whole thing was just too darned cute....
"As we were getting on the plane in Shannon, I got separated from Karl and the kids. When Zach and I got to our seats, I didn’t see Matthew, so I asked where he was and Karl replied,”Oh, he’s in the cockpit with the pilots having fun!” I immediately raced up there, camera in hand, to see what was going on. He was sitting in the pilot’s seat andthe pilot and co-pilot were showing him all the buttons and gauges. I asked if I could take some pictures of him, and they said sure.Then the coolest thing of all happened. The pilot asked me if I thought he could do the greeting over the PA. So we practiced it with Matthew a few times while everybody wasstill boarding. He said it perfectly, and in that cute little boy voice:
"Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Continental Flight 25. Our flight time today is six hours and 56 minutes. My name is Matthew, and I’m your captain today, so don’t worry!”
I could hear the entire plane full of people laughing! As we went back to our seats, everybody clapped and several called out to “Captain” Matthew. Then the crew gave him a set of wings and the pilot thanked Matthew over the PA when we landed for such a smooth flight home! That was such a nice thing for them to do for us. It was the perfect ending to our vacation! I'll never forget the look on his face as he “flew” us back home!"
Cool, huh? I won a $5 coupon, which I've of course already spent! :P probably the best thing that's happened on a Monday in a long time! hahahahahahaha


Our Three Girls said...

You deserved the win! That's an adorable page! :)

Tinker326 said...

So does this mean you stop whining now. :) Love that page!