Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Week gone by...

I can't believe that Alaina and Matthew start school this next week!!! It's bad enough that Karl had to start back to work so early this the kids? Sheesh......summer's officially over I guess...I just hate to accept that!

This week nothing really spectacular happened for us I suppose.....Sarah finally had her baby, so welcome baby Greta! I busied myself entering just about every scrap olympics challenge there was at Scrap Matters, and as usual......didn't win a single one!

We signed the kids up for swimming lessons, which start on the 30th, so that'll be here before we know it, and Matthew's soccer should be starting in a week or so.....and then Zach's birthday party is a week from we'll be busy getting ready for all beginning of school activities and such. It'll be fun!

Today our big excitement was cleaning out the garage. Oh JOY! BUT, now we can actually fit vehicles into it, so that's a good thing......the power wheels and little tykes vehicles have been moved back to their proper parking places (that won't last long you know) and we have reclaimed the garage once again. woohoo.

I'm looking forward to watching the olympics tonight.....exciting life i lead, I know! I really don't have anything exciting to share, so I'll quit the posting and try to get this slideshow thingy working so you can see all the layouts I did this week! :P

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Our Three Girls said...

I can't believe that school starts Tuesday for the girls! Yikes! This summer was so fun...and we didn't really do anything that amazing (well, Brush Creek!). Back to the routine of school...:(