Thursday, August 7, 2008

This week's activities.....with pictures!

Okay, so I never got around to posting on Monday with pictures from the weekend like I said I would. I was busy! And not feeling all that well either......but anyways, I'm posting NOW and so that should make your Thursday a little brighter!

First up, Dean's party on Saturday night. He was definitely surprised. Karl had to keep him occupied for the afternoon until party time, which for Karl meant an excuse to drive to Evansville, IN (an hour away from Fairfield, uhm, hello? Has he not looked at the price of gas?) to Best Buy to get HIMSELF a Garmin. How the dumb Garmin fit into the whole surprise party thing I'm still not sure about. But Karl is now the proud owner of yet another boy-gadget.....which serves no purpose other than "being cool" sitting there talking to us on the dashboard of the van. I'm excellent with a map, so I still see no use for the thing.....but if he'll listen to Darcy (What he named the female an effort to win me over. not happening....if it were Colin Firth's voice, then maybe......), then at least we won't get lost since when we disagree over directions he usually listens to himself and we end up in the backwoods somewhere. men. whatever.

So anyways, Karl kept Dean and all the other men of my family (Dad, Deron, Daniel) occupied with their boy-gadget-hunting trip. Us gals got food ready and decorated for the party. When they showed up with Dean, he stopped in the doorway, saw the decorations, and turned around and ran back outside! :) It was a fun video was a bit hit....although "not as embarassing as he was expecting" according to Dean. It WOULD have been, but my mother's not the best in keeping on track of family photos, so most of the "good ones" of Dean have been lost to the chaos that is their house. If you haven't watched the video yet, scroll down to the previous post....I'm quite proud of it. And for whoever asked (I think it was Kerri?) I used Pinnacle Studio 11.1 to make it. Very easy program to work with. I like software that's dumbed-down enough that I don't have to use the manual for anything! Oh, and it works on Vista, woohoo! Plus, it was pretty cheap as far as software goes.......I used another brand when trying to make the video for my dad's 70th and it never did we bought this and it works perfectly. Now I'm in the process of redoing dad's video. So much stuff to do!

We made him sit in a wheelchair for most of the party....and somebody made him a "40" hat to wear. Hehehehehe
All of his gifts were gag gifts.....Wish I'd thought to make up a big basket of Viagra or something, because he was SO embarassed just with the hemmrhoid stuff (okay, I'm a decent speller, but I have no clue on that one!).......

I was most impressed with myself for the fruit basket I carved....never done one of these before, but I was thrilled with how it turned out, so if any of you need my services, I don't come cheap!
They day before the big party (Friday), as soon as I was done with work for the day, we took the kids to Raging Rivers waterpark in Grafton. The kids are always wanting to go....we're never wanting to cough up the cost for it since I hate being out in the sun....and in a swimsuit no less! BLECH......but Karl managed to get free tickets (He was the Good Samaritan over a year ago to an old couple with a flat tire who happened to be either partial owners or good friends with the owners of the place, so in exchange for helping with the flat, they promised Karl free tickets for his kids.....and we just now got around to using them), so we had no excuses other than my aversion to the sun and the spandex of we went. yay.

Zach and I hung out in the kiddie pool area obviously. Karl, Matthew, and Alaina took off for the wave pool. It was Y98 day (local radio station), so Zach scored a mini beach ball and played with it the entire time.

This is about the only view of me in a swimsuit you're ever going to see.....half covered by a worn-out child, submerged in water. if it'd been dark out, I'd have liked the picture even better!

So we stayed about 3 hours.....that was enough sun/heat/swimsuit time for me.....went home and we all crashed with exhaustion for late-afternoon naps. The kids had a blast though....and yes, I've already scrapped the event:

So that's it for now I guess....time to get to work.....will update more over the weekend (don't want to bombard you with too much Herman-ness!)

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