Sunday, August 24, 2008

Next blessing....

Here's my blessing this week for the blessing scrapbook. I chose my job. Yep, as much as I whine and complain and know....*ahem* GRIPE about it, having a steady job right now (I'm withholding the political rant on the current state of the can thank me later) is indeed a blessing. I've been fortunate in the last 3 bosses I've had being very accomodating to me with regards to working from home, flexing my time and otherwise helping balance the whole work/life thing. I'm proud of the company I work for and the things we do there, so my job is a blessing... I am indeed very grateful for it (especially around paydays, bonus time, and the week they close for Christmas!). I'm sure there are millions of people in the world (or even this country) that would love to sit in my funky-smelling, dimly-lit, freezing cold cubicle just to have the steady income and opportunities working where I do allows. So as I did the following layout, I made a little vow to myself to not complain so much about my job.......and be grateful for the blessing it really is.

Those pictures were all stolen from flickr, because you have to have a camera permit to take any pictures in the factory up in Everett, WA where the 787s are actually built. So while I've been there and seen what's in those photos, I couldn't take my own pictures of it. The Phantom logo I scanned from a t-shirt.....I love that logo, and a t-shirt was the only thing I had that had the logo on it.....hooray for my scanner! unfortunately you can still see the wrinkles......oh well......shhhh, don't tell anybody! :P

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Tinker326 said...

Your JOB. YOUR JOB. I so did not see that one coming..... WOW. Well, I won't be following suit in that one. Perhaps I'll do a 'receiving a paycheck' blessing..but not my current job! Really cute layout though- I love it! I have a feeling, through this next year, we'll be duplicating a lot of same blessings, huh? :)