Thursday, August 21, 2008

2nd Grade and Kindergarten!

My babies aren't babies anymore! *sniff**sniff*.....Yesterday was the first day of school for Alaina and Matthew. Alaina started 2nd grade and Matthew started Kindergarten.....where are the years going? honestly? Karl took a personal day, and I switched my work-at-home days so we could both watch them get on the bus. Since the bus doesn't come to our house, that meant a trip to the babysitter's house where they'll regularly get on/off the bus.
And of course there were the required before-school pictures:
Matthew, in his Speed Racer backpack:

And Alaina in her Camp Rock backpack:
Waiting on the bus together:
Posing on the bus (I'm sure the driver hates me for doing this every year!)

Then Karl and I basically followed the bus to the school so we could take more pictures....

Outside the school:

Matthew with Mrs. Siemer:

Alaina with Mrs. Witt

And then we left for them to enjoy their first day of their new classes.....the first day of school is always so much harder for the parents than the kids, kwim? :) I was tear-free this year....having become an ol' pro at realizing how fast the years are passing with the kids....before we know it, we'll be putting Zach on the bus too!!!
Oh, and the status reports from the first day...
Matthew: "It was a long day (preK was only 3 hours, Kindergarten is all-day), but we got cookies!"
Alaina: "2nd grade is BORING....all the teacher did was talk like ALL DAY. I liked lunch and recess though!"
Ah, nice to see my young academics have their priorities in the right long as the food is good, the Herman kids will be there!


Our Three Girls said...

Very fun! Sounds like a successful first day of school. The girls seemed to like their classes, too. We went to eat lunch with Tessa today and she showed us around...very cute! Hope the rest of the year goes this well.

Sarah & Scott said...

the kids are so big! alaina looks super grown up! also, thank you SO much for the scrapbook page. it is awesome! i am afraid it might be awhile (possibly forever) before i get a proper thank you note to you! :( we love it!