Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holiday weekend!

Summer is officially winding down....*sniff* I'm sad since I don't really care for winter at ALL, so I'm not looking forward to the cold setting in!

We spent Labor Day weekend with my aunt Doris and her husband, Frank at their house near Kentucky Lake. We didn't actually get down there 'till Saturday night though, 'cuz of other stuff we had going on....

First up, soccer practice for Matthew! We missed the first night of practice, so this was our first experience with the whole thing. He had a great time, but was totally worn out from all the running they did! I think he'll be good at this, and he's having fun, so that's the best part. Soccer practice is on Friday nights, so this is how we spent our Friday night last week.....and how we'll be spending the next several Friday nights coming up!

David Beckham who, I say? :P Isn't that the cutest little footballer ever? :)>

Then Saturday was the start of swimming lessons for Alaina. After she was done with her class, we headed to my aunt's house. We went out to dinner and since that day was Zach's official birthday, the restaurant sang to him. He was still freaked out about the candle though, go figure! :)

Then Sunday, we took Doris and Frank's boat out on the lake. It wasn't actually as crowded with boats as I was thinking it would be for the holiday weekend. We had a nice relaxing day.....pulled up to a diner for lunch and then made the return trip home. The kids (and my dad) all fell asleep at some was a very relaxing way to spend the day.

Then after we got home, most everybody else took a nap, while I finished up my book (got slightly addicted to the Twilight series last all 4 books in the span of 5 days...and they're LONG too!)......then after breakfast on Monday morning, we headed for home. So it seemed a short weekend, but it was still a lot of fun. We're hoping to make it a yearly thing, as aunt Doris and uncle Frank always enjoy having us and we don't get to see them very often. So we'll look forward to next year....maybe I'll finally get the perfect picture of a hummingbird that I was trying SO hard to get and never really ever tried to take a picture of a hummingbird? yeah, not easy!! This is the best one I got (out of about 100 or so).....darned things are FAST! :P

I scrapped a layout of our boat ride, but I can't post it yet because in my brilliance I used Vicki's new kit that she hasn't released yet. oops. So as soon as she posts her kit on Monday, I'll post my layout here. :P

So we had a good time with Aunt Doris and Uncle Frank....until next year!! :)

But I did just finish my blessing layout for this week. This is a pretty boring layout, scrapbooking wise.....because I wanted it to be about the pictures. These are some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken (minus the ones of my kids, obviously)

So that's it for now....

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I love that layout! Great pictures!