Friday, September 19, 2008

this week in Herman-ville

This has been an interesting week. We had the usual things going on: gymnastics class, school, and work. Thursday was also the first Brownie meeting of the year. Got our cookie order forms...*sigh*....who wants to order some cookies? I hate selling stuff, but I'll admit, girl scout cookies are probably the easiest thing to sell ever. So we'll start hitting up all the neighbors, relatives, and friends to buy some from Alaina very soon.

Dad was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and is now back home. He's very weak and still isn't feeling all that well. His stress tests showed that his heart is functioning at about 15%, which obviously isn't good. But I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about that at this point. He wears out very easily...even folding a load of laundry tires him out so much he has to go lie down. I don't know when the next round of doctor's appointments are, but I'm sure there'll be tons. So continue to remember my dad....he's not out of the woods yet!

Also this week, we got to deal with not one, but TWO major road detours for our commute. They started working on the river road, which is a big part of our commute, and that's going to be closed for at least another that puts a real crimp (and 15 extra minutes) onto our morning drive. And then earlier this week, Grafton got flooded enough that the road to the babysitter's house was underwater. THANKS A LOT, IKE! darned hurricane. It rained enough north of here that the waters really came downstream with some force! The river crested either Wednesday or yesterday, so we're hoping that by Monday morning we can eliminate that detour and be able to drop the kids off without the hassle of a 2nd detour!

Yesterday was Alaina's first week of cheerleading class. So far, she seems to love it. Who wouldn't like the opportunity to be a cheerleader! I dont know when, but her team will be cheering at some games at the high school coming up. That should be a blast!

Zach's been fighting a fever all week, so he's not been his usual cheery self. And Matthew's kindergarten class had a field trip to the apple orchard on Tuesday......I switched my telecommuting schedule around so I could be there for was a LOT of fun. And what a bummer it was when Matthew decided he didn't like his caramel apple and mommy HAD TO eat it. Wouldn't want to waste THAT, right? YUM!
And I think that pretty much catches things up around here. Tomorrow we've got a soccer game in the morning of course....and swimming lessons for Alaina...and then tomorrow night, we're going out for Indian food with a coworker of Karl's and her DH/kids, and I'm really looking forward to that. So I'm ready for the weekend!

As for other layouts this week......I've got my blessing one, "marriage".....that was an easy one to do. I entered this in a weekly challenge at Scrap Matters.....we were supposed to scrap something from our wedding day. Gosh we look YOUNG, don't we? I hate old pictures of me though...I look nothing like that anymore!
And here's the next page for my "places I've been" book. Again, hating the old pictures of me, but GOSH I LOVE VEGAS!!! I'm still mad that Karl erased our pictures from our last trip there in '05, so I have no pictures of it. *sniff*...that's like my worst fear EVER....losing pictures! SO I swiped a lot of those pictures off flickr. Hooray for flickr....Flickr is awesome!
That's it for now....have a great weekend everybody!


Sarah & Scott said...

love the layouts! can't wait to see you soon!

Our Three Girls said...

I love this blessing book idea! Everytime you post one, I think of one I could do. Maybe someday... Can't wait to see you tomorrow.