Saturday, September 6, 2008

Future Cheerleader!

Yesterday was Zach's 2 year checkup at the doctor's. He's a whopping 23 pounds, skinny little thing...and 34" tall. Since I didn't go, I don't know what percentile that places him in, but he's always been right in the middle. None of my kids have ever been anything but 'average'!!

Last night was the annual Cheer clinic in town. Alaina LOVES doing this, so of course we were there! On Tuesday night, I dropped Alaina off at the high school, so the squad could teach her (and about 200 other girls) a couple cheers. For $25 and 2 hours of time, she learned 2 cheers (which she already knew from doing this the last 4 years, but let's not split hairs, m'kay?), a popsicle, and a t-shirt. It's the squad's fundraiser for the year, and they obviously make a killing off the parents of little girls that want nothing more than to be cheerleaders when they grow up. oh, they also gave the parents free passes to get into the football game on friday, so at least we didn't have to shell out MORE money to watch our daugthers cheer.

And last night was the night the girls got to cheer. Unfortunately, Matthew had soccer practice in Alton (20ish minutes away) at 6....kickoff was at 7. So we split the family up. Matthew and Karl went to soccer practice, and Alaina, Zach and I went to town to the football game.....and we just hoped that they'd have time to join us before it was Alaina's turn to cheer. They started off with the PreK class cheering....then K, then 1st, then finally Alaina's class. I staked out a spot right along the fence (been there, done this several times....I know the best spot for my pictures!), then I had the dilemma (and I actually got a few laughs) as I struggled to hold the video camera AND the camera (and ya'll know I don't use one of those one-hand-type cameras!), but I managed it fairly well. Zach was occupied with a gigantic box of Skittles (always the nutrition-minded mom I am, I grabbed what I knew would keep him occupied for the 5 minutes Alaina would be cheering).

She did great....she loves this stuff....and then as soon as she was done, we all left. We met back up with Karl and Matthew at home. Apparently, soccer practice didn't go so well....something about a slight meltdown? surely not my child! :P

Since I didn't get a chance to take a nap this afternoon, and I wasn't ABOUT to clean the house while everybody else was passed out.....I already scrapped last night's cheering......a fairly blatant scraplift of Nicole's layout of cheerleading. :P thanks for the idea, Nicole!!

And this is another layout I did yesterday.....of poor Zach passed out once we made it to London.

And I think I did this one a week ago, but never put it on's for my parents' ongoing album...
that's it for now!!!

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Our Three Girls said...

Totally impressed with your ability to balance all the necessary "mom stuff" at the football game! Cute layouts. We always get info about the cheerleading clinics but have never been (because I've never show the flier to the girls). Maybe we should try it! Sounds like fun!