Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, the DRAMA!

And yet another week goes quickly by for the Hermans! I think we've gotten into the swing of things pretty well. Karl teaches night classes on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, so it's just me and the kids on those nights. And I know that if I can make it through Tuesday with the gymnastics classes for both Alaina and Matthew, I'll be okay. And I made it through just fine, yay!

Wednesday, our church started a monthly night service....and Zach decided during that service to really show his 'terrible two' I ended up taking him and leaving early (yes, it was THAT BAD). I got home and there was a message on our machine from my mom that she'd called an ambulance for my dad. *sigh*

So my dad is currently in the ICU at Fairfield Memorial Hospital....I've been getting updates from mom a couple times a day, but it doesn't seem like they really KNOW what's wrong with him, and that's always VERY frustrating! He was running a fever at the time, but now that he's been on antibiotics, that's under control....his leg is swollen with cellulitis (which I still need to google more to try and understand what that is.....I thought that was an infection too, so shouldn't that be going AWAY with the antibiotics?), and his blood pressure is LOW.....I think mom said it was 105/33.....which I'm thinking is darned near flatlining, isn't it? And he's got congestive heart failure, which he's had umpteen times it seems like.....and his heartbeat is irregular. *sigh* But the good news is he doesn't have any blood clots, there's no fluid on his heart, he hasn't had a heart attack or stroke, his fever's broken, and he's more coherent than he was when he first went to the ER. So I guess that's progress? *sigh*.......we're heading out tomorrow morning to visit him. So that's the one part of the family medical drama for the week.

the other family medical drama: our kids have high cholesterol! sheesh! and it's not like we feed them McDonald's 5 times a week......they get it a couple times a MONTH maybe. We had their blood taken last weekend more out of curiosity than anything, since Karl's got high cholesterol and high triglycerides and a lot of that is genetic......we were wondering where the kids stood with their numbers. And I was SHOCKED. Zach's numbers were the worst. How does a 2 year old end up with a total cholesterol of 198? seriously? He hardly eats....his babysitter's constantly nagging me to put some weight on the skinny boy. We asked our pediatrician what we can DO for the kids.......she recommended omega 3 supplements, so we're doing that....switching to 1% milk (karl's NOT happy about that one), and just watching saturated fats. Any other suggestions?? ANYTHING?? I haven't come up with much in the research I"ve done. I know my kids....they're not going to suddenly start eating celery sticks. *sigh* that's the other family drama going on. lovely!

Thursday night was our monthly church study group, which we always's always fun to get together in such an informal setting, even if we had just seen each other the night before! Being part of a small congregation has it's having the majority of the congregation in your living room! :)

and here's my mini-rant that most of you won't understand, so just skim right through this part! To whom it may concern: If you don't like the rules of a digital scrapbooking challenge, then DON'T participate! Don't go and whine to others and subsequently ruin the entire experience for people that were perfectly content to play by the rules as stated. grrrrr......they know who they are, and I know who they are, and they might not know that I know who they are (got that?), but I'm really bad about holding grudges!!!! shame on you spoiled sports! phooey! there. end of rant.

And while I'm mouthing off about digiscrapping......SIL Nicole and I agreed to add yet another weekly layout to our list of to-do's.....I guess 'cuz we just don't do ENOUGH scrapping? :P as if! But we got the idea from a fellow digi-scrapper...she's doing an album of all the places she's been.....and since Nicole and I both LOVE to travel, we thought that was a brilliant idea. She's been lots more places than me, so I'm going to run out of ideas way before her (hmm, is that an excuse to plan a vacation perhaps?).....but we've both got plenty of places to keep us occupied for awhile. And to start it off, I did an obvious one.....a too-easy one really....but I wanted to do a general page like this here it is: London baby, YEAH!

And we're still doing the weekly blessing layout.....this week I picked my mom's sister and her hubby: Aunt Doris and Uncle Frank. We spent labor day weekend at their house near Kentucky Lake and they're just the nicest people ever....wish we got to see them more often!

Matthew's first soccer game is in the morning, and as long as there's no lightning, the coach said they'd play in the rain. that'll be fun for us parents! not. :P So i'll be back to post the waterlogged pictures of that and hopefully a more cheerfull update about my dad once we see him. but for now, goodnight!


Our Three Girls said...

We'll be thinking about your dad and keeping the whole family in our prayers.

Tinker326 said...

You said it girl! You whiney challenge runiers- go find another board to post on!

Papa remains in our prayers. Hope he gets better quickly!

Tinker326 said...

I meant to write PawPaw..not Papa. :)