Monday, July 6, 2009

O'er the land of the free......

So that was obviously the highlight of the week! :D Yes, that's me being really LOUD at the end. Actually, it's me and the girl next to me....but mostly me. The director told us both to "be loud, you have to hit your parts or the whole thing falls apart" (gee, thanks for not putting any pressure on us or anything!) So I sang as loud as I could......I'm not one of those broadway-musical-big-voice-type singers though. And anybody that's sung in a big arena like that can tell you that you really can't hear yourself........they told us not to try to listen to ourselves because there was like a 2-second delay over the sound system......they said "just sing it and hope it's right!" uhm.....that's what we did. And they put the darned microphone right in front of my face....*sigh*......I feel kinda bad now listening to it, because us sopranos totally overpowered everybody else.....but we didn't know that at the time. so oh was nerve racking, totally exciting, and very humbling to even get the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for such a big audience (and there weren't even that many people there yet!). The ONLY downside: I am bummed that it wasn't broadcast.......I think half of my hometown had the radio and the TV on hoping to catch a glimpse of me (or hear me) singing.......but the stations played commercials instead. How unpatriotic! :*( so that was my experience singing the National Anthem at Busch was AWESOME!!!!!

Immediately after singing (and getting my camera back from the teenager that took the shaky video), I headed up to Jerseyville to catch the last half of Alaina's last game. I'd missed Matthew's completely. After their games, they got trophies from their coaches and they were happy. We all went to DQ for ice cream afterwards......then home to watch mommy sing! And also pack for the weekend!

Friday, we got up and left early to head to Aunt Doris and Uncle Frank's house near Kentucky Lake. We stopped in Fairfield to pick up my parents and rolled in a little after 1. She had a late lunch waiting for us and we just spent the afternoon hanging out, chatting, relaxing...napping, etc. They don't have internet there, so it's a wonder I survived, kwim? :D I did manage to do some scrapping while listening to Aunt Doris and my mom chat.

Friday night we went to dinner at Patti's 1880 settlement. It's THE place to go down there, and it really is a neat place......very antique-y.....everyone dressed in period costumes (that another aunt of mine, who was a seamstress, used to sew) was very cool. and the food is AWESOME. So we stuffed ourselves there and then hit the gift shop for a BUNCH of fudge to take home (MMMMMmmmmmm fudge!) for later. I think I kinda rolled into bed. seriously!

Saturday, the was kinda cool and overcast, so we wanted to get some boating in before it poured on us! And we did......we took their boat out for a couple, karl and the kids did some swimming....watched all the other boats crisscross all over the place......but then when clouds started really piling up in the west, we headed for shore. the INSTANT we got into our cars, it just started downpouring on us! we headed to one of the dock restaurants for lunch and it'd stopped raining by the time we were done with that. then back to the house for some showers and for me....making some ice cream. A total 4th of July tradition....homemade ice cream! Mom and i went and got all the stuff and set it up to freeze while just about everybody else took naps! by the time it was done and we were getting ready to make some dinner, the storms REALLY rolled in....knocking out the power for the rest of the night. it was a NASTY storm......their tornado sirens were goign off and everything. so no fireworks for us. we sat in the glow of some kerosene lamps and some candles and just talked......I scrapped until my battery died. :D and that was our exciting 4th! :D

Sunday we left for home right after breakfast....dropped off mom and dad and finally made it back to our house before dinnertime.....but of course we had no we went into town here and had dinner....then did some grocery shopping. and that was the end of the weekend for us. Of course I'M the only one that actually had to go back to work today.....*sigh*

So anyways.....what I scrapped:

Aside from the blessings (which I still need a couple more to get caught up....just haven't gotten around to them yet!)......

I scrapped this one of Cruella......I've never seen her at Disney World in FL, but we ran right into her on Main St. at Disneyland...go figure. She kept calling Zach a "rodent" because of his ears on his hat. I love it when they're in character like that! Way more fun! (plug! '2010 topped up calendar vol 1' by Sya's Blueprints)
And here's Zach vs. Zach in the Water Gun Wars:
Zach getting filthy.....he'd do this at EVERY know that heavy, gritty ballfield dust? yeah, he was COVERED IN IT.....every game! But he loved it (plug! "completely cornered" by Sya's Blueprints!)
our condo out in CA (plug! "going in circles 2" and "scattered circles" by Sya's Blueprints)
and Alaina's camp from last weekend
So that's all I've scrapped and that's it for me for's over, so I've got my evenings to myself (almost)...whatever will I do? :D Have a great week everybody! I hope everybody had a great 4th weekend (thunderstorm free, unlike ours!) later!

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