Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Week to blog about....

And here it is, Sunday evening already! What did we do all week? :D The kids' ballgames are over for the summer, but Karl's still teaching summer school classes, so at night it's just been me and the kids at home together....them destroying the house, me trying to tune them out! :D

One thing Karl and I did this week was book a trip to Washington, DC for a little getaway this fall. It'll be just the two of us, so the kids are going to be hanging out with their Nanny and PawPaw, so they're okay with it. I'm not sure that's a trip they'd enjoy anyways...after about 10 minutes in a museum, they're "done", so it's probably better that they're staying behind.

Karl nor I have ever been to the nation's capital, so we're both pretty excited about it. We've got some friends that're there a LOT, so they've been very helpful as far as helping us plan. And of course my SIL Nicole has been there (is there anywhere she HASN'T been? :P) So the flights are up will be getting a hotel and nailing down exactly where we want to go and all that. But that's my thing, so I'm looking forward to the challenge of planning out an itenerary!

We also booked our room for a holiday trip to Disney World in Florida. I know, I know......I DID just say that we didn't have any vacations planned 'till next year. So yes, I'm eating my words....GLADLY! :D Although Disney at Christmastime is completely INSANE, we're taking my parents along and not really doing 'that much' in the parks......just enough for my parents to have some of the magic with their grandkids. So considering we're not setting off with the intention of conquering all 4 parks in 7 days, I think we'll be okay. I think my parents are looking forward to it too. And that gives me another trip to plan. 'Cuz what else do I have to do with my free time, right?

Other than that, I'm not sure anything very exciting happened this week here....Friday night we had planned on going out on date together as we haven't done that since I think we went and saw Twilight back in the fall......but it didn't work out since we couldn't find a sitter. Then we thought about taking the kids to the drive-in theatre down in Belleville, but it was raining and we didn't know if they showed movies there during storms......and didn't want to dive an hour to take the chance, kwim?

So we actually ended up hitting the mall Friday night, eating dinner with Melissa, Elsie and Max. Alaina wanted to go to Claire's for earrings.....and somehow I ended up with a big box of Godiva chocolates because I'd had a rotten day/week at work (that I really DON'T want to talk about). I have such a thoughtful hubby, don't I?
After dinner/shopping, we went back to the Loftus' house and just sat around and talked with Melissa while the kids played around us. Pretty low-key Friday night.

Saturday, Karl left early to go shooting on his bromance date and I slept in with the kids. Then we met Karl for lunch in town and did some yardwork before it got too hot. Then I have no idea what we did hte rest of the day/evening. I was probably on Facebook or scrapping....I think Karl was channel surfing (which is SO annoying...PICK SOMETHING and WATCH IT!). And that was Saturday night. Exciting around here, isn't it?

Today, Karl spoke at church, then we took the kids to Steak n shake for lunch, then headed home for naps! And since then, we've just been putzing around the house...putting laundry away, picking up toys, etc, etc, etc.....all that "stuff". This has been one of the biggest 'do-nothing' weekends we've had in a long time...usually we're way more 'active'.....I'm kinda shocked we didn't go and do something really cool. I feel like we're slacking or something!

I didn't even scrap that much this week.....

Here's what I did manage to get scrapped......first one is of Matthew's tball season (in a nutshell), using a template of sya's called 'get boxy'

This one is from our Disneyland trip in June:

And our trip out on the lake with my aunt/uncle down in Kentucky:

And this last one is my entry for the disboard challenge for this week....I haven't entered in forever, but I liked the participation prize for this week! This layout uses 'dynamic duo 1' by Sya's blueprints


And for a blessing......uhm....I just haven't had time to get caught up just yet! I DID do one this week....but in my brilliance, it's using a new template pack of sya's, so I can't post it yet, silly me! I do plan on catching of these days! Alaina and Matthew will be gone for a week to church camp soon, so that'll give me a little more free time at night as I won't have to referee so many fights (the current fight usually being Matthew "messing up" her room...DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!), but anyways, I plan on catching up on some scrapping then. I hope.

But that's it for me for now.......have a great week....if you haven't listened to it yet, scroll down to listen to me and the rest of the choir from work sing the national anthem!!! :D yes, I'm still basking in that moment. It was so cool!


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