Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sickies! Sickies! GO AWAY!

Greetings from Germville, population: 5 Hermans! :D

Actually, so far (knock on wood), the sickie has just been little Zach. Poor kid. He woke up covered in puke Sunday morning, so he and I skipped church and stayed home. We basically cuddled on the couch and/or slept all day long. Monday I stayed home from work with him, as he was still running a fever.

Neither Alaina nor Matthew ever acted the way Zach does when he's sick. Take his temperature? GOOD LUCK! He will fight you to the death before he'll let a thermometer anywhere near his body. Take medicine? Again, GOOD LUCK! IF i can even get it into his mouth, 9 times out of 10 he'll spit it back out at me. lovely. So I'd rather not have him be the sick one actually!

By Monday afternoon he seemed to be doing better, but then the 'south end' kicked in, which forced me to cancel my girl scout meeting. But by bedtime, it seemed that even that part had run it's course. So we sent him to school yesterday (Tuesday) and he seemed fine.

Fast forward to today (wednesday)......I'm minding my own business at work, munching on leftover Valentines' Day candy I'd stolen from the kids when my cell phone rings. I KNEW that was not going to be a call I wanted to answer, because during the day, my phone never rings for a good reason. I knew it would either be 1. Karl with some crisis, 2. My Mom giving me bad news about my dad, or 3. "THE CALL" from the school nurse we've gotten I don't know how many times already this year.

It was the nurse. I expected it to be about either Alaina or Matthew...assuming one of them had gotten whatever bug it was that Zach had. But was Zach himself, sick again. BAH. So after a quick call to Karl, he got a sub for his class at school, picked me up and we were on our way to pick up Zach.

And the little bugger is FINE. Tired, yes, because he didn't sleep well last night....crabby, yes....because he's tired. but SICK? no, not really from what I can tell. He says his belly hurts though, so he's probably not back to 100% yet, but I don't consider him SICK per se, kwim? But anyways, we're all home now, waiting on school to let out so I can pick up Alaina/Matthew at the sitter's.

So that's the excitement for today. What else has happened around here??? I got a call Monday while I was home with Zach from my mom telling me that my dad was in the hospital with pneumonia. bummer. He'd just gotten over pneumonia in one lung and gets it in the other one....the guy can't catch a break! So he's still in the hospital at Fairfield, taking fluids/antibiotics, and complaining loudly about the cr@ppy food. :P That's my dad! :D So hopefully in a few more days he'll beat the sickies as well.

And then there's the rest of know how sometimes you wait for the other shoe to drop? That's me right now: wondering who's going to get it next! We don't really have time to be sick! We've got a jam-packed weekend ahead of us, dernit!

Saturday DH his BRILLIANCE......volunteered to do the Polar Bear Plunge at Creve Couer Lake Park in St. Louis. If anybody's in town, it will be a spectacle to behold, trust me! :D

Not only did he volunteer to dive into 30-ish degree water.....but to spice things up and encourage more donations, he volunteered to dress up like Nacho Libre for the occasion:

but only IF he got $1,000 in donations.....and thanks to the help of lots of people wanting to encourage his public humiliation......he's well past the $1k mark!

He ordered a red Speedo swimsuit and blue tights for the occasion, and a friend is making him a he'll be ready with his costume. We have music to set the 'mood' as he makes his entrance......people are already begging for the video to be posted online.....which it will be! :D So that's our plan for saturday: Public Humiliation. But all for a good cause. Donate to Karl's Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics here:

So ya see.....we can't get sick and miss all that!

If we get done in time (which I'm doubting we will), Alaina's brownie troop will be going bowling Saturday afternoon.....then a quiet night home watching the Olympics probably!

and since I'm blogging, I might as well post some layouts I've done since my last post:

With Sya's new kit, 'movie-spiration: take two', I scrapped these 2 layouts:
This one of Matthew's District Pinewood Derby race a couple weekends ago:
And an exhibit at the Smithsonian that was really cool:

These last two are from our March Disney trip (yep, still not done scrappin' that trip....LOTS left to do, trust me!)

This is a standard family picture from Animal Kingdom:

And another picture, in front of Expedition Everest....home of one of the best roller coasters around!!

So that's it for me for now.....I'm off to go console a little boy that's still whiny and clingy, even if he isn't really sick! Stay healthy!

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