Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Disney Vacation Trip Report, Day 1 (LOTS of pics!) it is....I've been dreading this because I just CANNOT narrow down pictures......I take over 1,000 pictures on a vacation (easily!), so it's hard for me to only find like 10 for a blog post. And I didn't. sorry, just didn't happen! So I'm going to do this in several parts to make it a little less painful for everybody! especially me, with the uploading pictures part! :D a nutshell, our vacation was a BLAST! The weather was PERFECT in Orlando, for one thing. Usually in Florida, it rains like EVERY DAY, but we didn't see a DROP! wahoo! We got sunburned, of course, even with the SPF 50....curse that fair Irish skin of mine! But I'm used to that so no biggie!

We left on Friday the 13th.....I didn't really think about the superstitions and all that.....It didn't bother us to fly on that particular date! And it worked out well for the kids, as the gate agent gave them each a set of wings while we were waiting for our plane:
We got into Orlando REALLY late thanks to a long layover in Atlanta, so by the time we actually got TO our hotel, it was like 2AM. So we didn't get to the parks very early on our first day!

First off, obviously, is the beloved Monorail ride.....Matthew would be content to do this ALL DAY....seriously!

And my first of many attempts at that "perfect happy family in front of the castle" picture.....this was about as good as it ever got! Not too bad....for us!
Our first ride is always Dumbo.....totally tradition....and since all 3 kids can't ride in a Dumbo by themselves, (and I'm trying to decrease pic uploads here), here's them sorta posing in one on the'll soon notice Zach wasn't exactly cooperative for Mommy with the pictures:

And the kids being their usual goofball selves....
Next up is the Teacups.....Karl hates the spinning, so we usually just do this ride once per, the line's always long and there's no fastpass available for it! boo!

Then we were off to Toontown in all it's chaotic glory....

Matthew wouldn't go to Minnie's house because he doesn't like ANYTHING to do with girls, and Minnie's a GIRL, so Alaina and I went instead:

This is kind of an inside joke was one of my goals to get a picture of one of the Photopass photographers at Disney....they always take OUR pictures, so I wanted to take a picture of THEM....and this gal thought that was hilarious:

Saw the Fairies:

Rode lots of rides:

Oh come on....sing along...."it's a small world after all...." You know you've got it stuck in your head now!! :D

Got Zach a new pair of ears 'cuz his disappeared somehow and I never found them to pack them:

Then it was off to dinner at Chef Mickey's, where we saw more characters:

posed for a couple pictures outside:

And that was it for Day 1!

I'm gonna see if i can try to figure out a faster way to post pictures on this thing.....this took FOREVER!!! more to come! :D

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