Friday, October 3, 2008

Head colds and finally fall weather!

I'm sick. I hate being sick. Moms aren't supposed to GET sick, right? But I feel lousy just the same. I'd love nothing more than to crawl into bed after taking an exaggerated dose of Nyquil (my drug of choice), pull the covers over my head and not wake up until I feel better. But that's not an option, so here I am!

This week has been fine...nothing too exciting to report really.......we caught up on some TV shows (hooray for TiVo!).....almost got caught up on laundry (does it ever REALLY end though?), restocked our cupboards with food, and that was about it. Work is work....same ol' same ol'......nothing new to report there......

I'd be tired even without the cold since Zach is being difficult with his it the terrible twos or whatever you want....he just will NOT go to sleep! If we put him in his room by himself, he'll scream for 3 hours. (NO joke....from 7 until 10 he screamed the other night....I nearly went insane.).....if one of us goes in there with him and lays on the bed with him, he'll just sit there and babble (he still doesn't TALK much really) and play.....I've laid there for an hour while he'd drive a hotwheels car up and down my arm. We've tried putting the other kids in there with him since it seemed to work out okay last weekend at the hotel....but he just keeps them awake too. so I'm at my wits end with him and getting him to go to sleep. Please give me some ideas! Or at least reassure me that eventually he'll fall asleep before 11PM and someday I'll get more than 5 hours of sleep a night??? UGH....I am so tired it's not even's like having a newborn again! I don't have that "dad" ability to sleep through it....if he's awake, I'm awake. Sleeping through the crying is definitely a 'dad thing'....kwim?

but that's all i've got to rant about since nothing else has happened in my life that's worth writing about, I'll just post my blessing and travel page and be done with it, k? :P

First up, my blessing for the week....SURELY you guys saw this coming from a mile away.....if not, then you're not paying very good attention to my project here! :P My friends, Kerri, Sarah, and Sue.........our friendship is probably more of a blessing to me than you guys realize. I wish we got to see each other more often...I miss you so much!!!

I hope you appreciate the bad-hair pic from 1992, girls! :P wish I could make it bigger here so you could get the full effect! :)>

Journaling reads:

"I remember meeting Kerri and her younger sister Sarah the summer I was twelve. I met Sue the following summer. Their friendship made the summers a lot more fun at camp, and it’s because of them that those summers were so memorable and fun for me. We spent nearly every waking moment with each other at Brush Creek, talking about all the boys we liked and all those other little teenage dramas. They live out in the Kansas City area, so camp was about the only time we really got to see each other...but we’d all write 10-page letters to each other during the school year to stay in touch Now that we’re grown, I treasure their friendship even more. I’m glad we still have each other and that our kids are starting to become friends. They are a blessing to me."

And my travel page for the week.....Shipshewana, Indiana!.......Since my SIL Nicole is away this weekend at this very place and I couldn't go, I thought making it my travel page would make me feel a little better (it didn't!). This is the B&B that all the women in her family (aunts/cousins/etc) gather at each year for a weekend of talking, scrapping, shopping, eating, etc. I got to go a couple years ago....hopefully I can go again next year! It was a lot of fun!

And for other layouts I've of me and Sue's and Sarah's babies:
And another one from last weekend at Paradise Park with the kids...

So that's it for now......have a great weekend!


Sarah & Scott said...

awwwww....the scrapbook pages are so cool! it was so fun to see you! oh, and i don't think i commented on the last entry but the part about zach and the sippy cup was hilarious! what a determined kiddo!

Our Three Girls said...

okay...that was, of course, my favorite blessings page yet! I love it! I'm not so fond of the picture from high school but my hair can still be really bad some I guess I shouldn't complain! I'm so sorry you don't feel well! Zach will sleep...eventually...maybe as soon as Rowan does! The life of a mom!

Our Three Girls said...

i think that sippy cup, by the way, is still at our house. rowan has been loving it! thanks for letting her borrow it, zach!