Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eel tastes like chicken!

Another week gone by so very fast! The previous post was the big news of the week as far as I'm concerned.....making another Creative Team. I've spent the last few days getting to know the other girls on the CT and doing some layouts (I feel like I'm behind already!) using her products.......downloading all her stuff for FREE.......YAY! this is so much fun!
What else happened this week? TONS of stuff......Tuesday was Kindergarten night at school for Matthew, so that turned into a very busy night. I took Alaina to her gymnastics class....did my grocery shopping while she tumbled....then when she was done we all headed back to the school to the Kindergarten thing. I helped Matthew make a treasure chest for all his "treasures" he brings home from school....and a couple games for us to play with letters/numbers. Alaina was a very good big sister and spent the entire hour out in the lobby with Zach keeping him occupied since siblings weren't supposed to be there in the first place (oops). We got done with our projects in record time since I'd done them all before and didn't need to listen to any of the directions (like I would have anyways?). So that was Tuesday...
Thursday was Alaina's Brownie meeting and she ended up being the top seller for her troop this year in cookie sales! YAY! We werent' expecting that at all, as she (meaning Karl and I!) sold a lot less this year vs. last year. But as a troop, they beat their goal, so the girls are taking their hard-earned money and renting out the bounce houses for a couple hours!!! WOOHOO! can't wait for that!

Friday was the Brownies' annual wiener roast and hayride....It was raining when we first got there, but thankfully stopped as we were eating our hotdogs. It was a joint event with a local cub scout troop (that we didn't know, but evidently our leader did!), and while the girls were on the hayride, the boys took to hiding behind trees and trying to scare them. It was pretty funny.

it was really cold on the hayride, but Matthew stayed warm since he buried himself under all the hay! Then he stuck his hand out trying to scare the girls.....

Saturday was, of course, another soccer game......and they had to play GIRLS again! OH NO! The boys weren't QUITE as freaked out as they were the week before......I think. They won that very COLD game.....brrrrr. Next Saturday's the last day for the season, and unfortunately, Karl's going to be gone to proctor the ACT exam at school......and it's a double-header, so I get to deal with all the kids for two!
Here's Matthew playing against more GIRLS!
Then we killed some time at Target before we dropped Alaina off at her swimming lesson. I took some pictures of her since this was the first class of hers I actually saw. She's improving a lot and I can tell she's having a lot of fun!

The rest of Saturday afternoon is a blur....I don't think we took naps.....I think I was trying to catch up on scrapping! We left a little before 5 to drive to St. Peter's, MO to meet up with a coworker of Karl's, Lorraine Raziq, her DH Abe, and their baby daughter Amelia for dinner. We met at a Japanese habachi grill place called Ariake. Dinner was really Tepan Edo at Epcot where they cook on the big griddle at your table. One of Karl's students' parents own the place, and his father was our chef.....and somehow Karl ended up with an extra serving of shrimp courtesy of 'the kitchen' (ie his student).....hey, teachers don't get too many perks, so we'll take what we can get! Karl ordered a few different kinds of sushi.....he passed the plate over to me and I thought the one I ate and really liked was chicken.....only to be told after I'd scarfed it down that it was eel. uhm, okay! it was really yummy! I passed on the raw tuna stuff though and let Karl, Abe, and Lori eat that. Even Matthew, our usual pickiest eater, cleaned his plate, so good pick for dinner! We get together with the Raziqs about once a month, so the next time we get together, we'll have to try and top this one!

So here's the layouts I've done over the last week......the last one from our zoo trip a couple weeks ago with Vicki's new "hearts and flowers" kit:
A challenge entry I did for something at Scrap Matters (Westminster Abbey)....and yes, I scanned Karl's ticket and brochure.....scanners come in quite handy with digiscrapping!

These next two are ones I did for Sya's CT using her new templates, "Going in Circles 2"

This is of Alaina's "official" cheerleading picture (isn't that the cutest cheerleader kit? I splurged on that one!)

And this one is of Matthew and two of the many many wooly worms the kids have made pets out of thus far....

And my blessing for this week: Cooking! I'm not loving this layout....I did it also as a submission for a challenge and had to follow their I'll probably end up changing it around a bit before I print it out for myself. But anyways, here it is the way it is right now:

I'm so glad I can cook, I'm not saying I'm the best cook ever, but I do think I can hold my own!.....I can't imagine NOT being able to cook, or not enjoying it like I do. It's a big part of who I am, and it's very important to me that everything I make and serve to guests or even to our family is exactly the way I want it. So being a good cook I think is a blessing......

And my travel page for this week.....from not too far back, Dublin. Dublin was an interesting city. I think we would've enjoyed it more had we been more well-rested! We took a bus tour and I took lots of pictures out of the bus windows, so some of those got used here, along with some other misc. pictures of things we happened across while in the city.

And I guess that's it for now....hope everybody had a great weekend!

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I think you guys need a few more activities to keep you busy! :) Love the layouts...especially the one you splurged on. Super cute!