Sunday, October 26, 2008

blogging from the WINDY 'windy city'

Here I am, safe and sound in the suburbia of Chicago. I'm in town for the most important of events.....tomorrow night's Madonna concert at the United Center! :)> I haven't been to a concert in FOREVER, so I'm definitely ready to go have some serious 80s girl time! Bring it on!
As for the rest of the weekend, it went quite well. Friday night was the Halloween carnival at school, which we of course went to. And remind me to either give Karl some instruction or to never let him have the camera again, because most of the pictures are beyond blurry. BAH! I had to spend most of the time volunteering at the 2nd grade booth and at the Kindergarten booth. The 2nd graders sponsored the ring toss, which is always popular since you win a bottle of soda if you toss the ring around it. The Kindergarteners had the best booth I though....pig races! It was too funny....these little toy pigs would race to the music of 'who let the pigs out'......oh the madness! :P But anyways, here are some pictures from the night:

Saturday was Matthew's last soccer games. *sniff*.....he was so cute playing soccer, but he was the type of player that was good for about the first quarter of the game and from that point on it was a struggle to get him to actually PLAY! :)

Since it was the last game, his coach handed out trophies to all the boys....

So until next season, we're done with soccer......

After soccer, we went out for a celebration lunch at the chinese buffet and then to Eckerts' for our Halloween pumpkin. The kids weren't too cooperative with me for pictures, so this is the best one I got.....the terrible twos aren't much help with group pictures! :P

Saturday night we grilled some chicken for dinner and Karl and the kids carved our pumpkin.

Today, we loaded up all my stuff and headed to church. Alaina said her first prayer during the service. I helped her write it out Saturday night. I think it was maybe 2 sentences, but it was all her own words (and mispellings, but she could read it and that's all that mattered). She sat up front during the service and acted so grown up! She did a great job! Then we were on a mad dash to get me to the airport on time (which ended up being totally unnecessary, but oh well!)

We had a quick lunch at Steak n Shake 'cuz we'd promised the kids milkshakes.....and Karl dropped me off at the airport a little before 1 for my 2:27 flight. Security is usually not a big deal unless it's a high travel day like Monday/Friday, so I wasn't too worried about making my flight on time. I breezed through security, even with the 2 laptops, the little bag o' liquids and my big carryon ('cuz i'm way too cheap to pay for a checked bag!).......and who wears heeled boots to the airport? oh right, ME! dumb. :P

I got to the gate, got my venti china green tea and saw that my flight was "possibly delayed" to O'hare.....which of course means it was GOING to be delayed, they just didn't have the cajones to put it up on the screen yet! So I sat there, and being the forward-thinking gal I am, started scrapping! Our 2:27 flight got delayed to 2:59....then 3:15.....around 3:15 we boarded, and once we were all sitting there, and the captain SAID we were getting ready to push back, somebody somewhere changed their minds and we got to sit at the gate until 4:50. yep. We SAT ON THE PLANE AT THE FRIGGIN' GATE FOR OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!! can ya tell how thrilled I was with that? CAN YOU? :P Actually, I'm a very easy-going traveler, especially when I don't have any connections to make. I just felt bad for everybody else on the plane since nobody made any of their connections! I think I made it outside into Kurt/Nicole's car about 6:15.......only about 3 hours late!

So now I'm hanging out in Nicole's family room and watching Desperate Housewives...

And now for the pages I've scrapped since my last post....

From our team community service event:

And our team dinner and concert:

This one is with Sya's new kit, called "It's a Girl's World", so I had to do something with Alaina in it, so I chose this cute shot of her and her friend, Samantha:

And this is one I did during my long wait for the airplane today.....of the girl scout hayride last weekend:

and of course my blessing this week......our home. Working for the day in the homeless shelter made me really appreciate our home, so this is it...."the blue house" (that's what the kids call it!)

And that's it for now.....I'll post whatever pictures I can sneak of Madonna with my cr!ppy point and shoot camera and from our crummy seats behind the stage! :P

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