Friday, January 21, 2011

Coming Soon: 30 days of ME!

Woo! I know you can hardly contain yourselves......but starting Monday, I'm joining the bandwagon of a friend who is participating in this 30-day blogging project. I won't reveal what we'll be blogging about each day, because....well.....what would the fun in that be? Needless to say (hint in the title), the challenge is to blog about yourself. And for me, that's going to be a serious challenge. I don't really blog about myself. Like most moms, my life revolves around my children. So that's why I decided to add this project to my overflowing plate of 'stuff to do'. I think it'll be kinda fun. And for anybody out there reading that don't actually know me IRL, this will be a nice intro to get to know me!

So come back Monday for post #1 of 30! Right now we're off to the Pack 97 Pinewood Derby!

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Patrice said...

Good luck on the blog and the race!