Sunday, March 7, 2010

And they called it "Puppy Love"......

And we have a new addition to our family this week.....after 5 anxious weeks of waiting....of having the kids ask me EVERY DAY if "today was the day"......we FINALLY brought home our new puppy.

I named her Darcy.....any Jane Austen fan will appreciate that, I think!

Isn't she the cutest little thing ever? and yes, the bug-eyed, lazy-eyed thing is normal for pug puppies! I've wanted a pug puppy forever, but they were always just way too expensive. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I got in touch with the cousin of a former classmate that was selling a litter really cheap! WOOHOO! So now Darcy is a part of the family.

So that's been the excitement of this week basically! Up until that point, it's just been the usual: work for us, school for the kids, blah blah blah. We took the kids to Petco Wednesday night and spent a small fortune on all kinds of puppy, leash, collar, carrier, food dish, and lots of toys of course! The kids had a blast!

Friday we left for Fairfield for a multitude of reasons: 1. to visit my dad, who's still recovering from pneumonia (doing LOTS better though!), 2. to sell the rest of the nursery furniture that's been collecting dust in the garage, and 3. to pick up the puppy. Oh, and I also had a lunch of a sancho and a porkburger. Fairfield fine-dining fo' sho'!!!

Last night Karl and I took Alaina and Matthew rollerskating. It didn't go so well. I was laughing so's been about 10 years since I put on a pair of rollerskates myself, but i was still able to skate like i used to. I was thrilled. But this was the first time the kids had ever been on skates, and they were NOT very graceful. I kept singing, "butt on the ground, butt on the lookin' like a fool with your butt on the ground!" LOL! even karl wasn't too confident on the skates.....he never actually FELL.....but he did yell at a couple kids to "GET OUT OF MY WAY! I CAN'T STOP! I WILL CRUSH YOU!" :P LOL!!! so that adventure lasted all of about half an hour. Matthew and Alaina both gave up on skating....Karl claimed the skates hurt his it was just me skating around my old home on the weekends (in junior high, i was on that rink every Friday/Saturday night!).....ah, memories!

And even though it's been a pretty uneventful week, for whatever reason, I haven't scrapped much. odd, huh? But I'll share the few pages I did manage to get done.

Last week's Nacho Plunge that Karl did:


and the brownie bowling outing that i missed because i was with Nacho...

and the last layout I've done for the week......of Princess Darcy herself (that's what Zach calls her)

And since I was a slacker and didn't manage a layout (if you're reading this, sorry Heather....I'll get around to it eventually!), Haynay released a new alpha to coordinate with the Jan/Feb/March mini's called "Chronicling Life First Quarter Alpha"

So I guess that's it for now......there's laundry to put away and we're in the middle of watching the new Star Trek movie for the 50th time (which I never get tired of, amazingly, and the kids love it!).....another weekend come and gone by way too fast!!

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