Sunday, February 15, 2009

The countdown has begun!!

Here we are, Sunday again! Time for another blog post! :D This week was typical for the most part, with a few a-typical moments thrown in there, because life's like that, isn't it? :D

Everything was perfectly, etc. Then Wednesday morning, Matthew was VERY whiny getting ready to leave the house. He's not much of a morning person most of the time (NO idea where he gets that!) so we chalked it up to him just being tired. Then he complained of his tummy hurting, and we didn't believe him 'cuz we figured he was just wanting a free pass to stay home from school and go back to bed! So we took him to daycare as usual. and wouldn't ya know it.......a little after 9AM I got "the call" from the school nurse to come pick him up because he'd gotten sick at school.

So then I felt kinda guilty, kwim? BUT, in my defense, if we stayed home with our kids every single time they said they "didn't feel good", we'd burn through all our sick days in a month! :D So since the call came to me on my cell phone (I feel kinda bad for schools having to keep track of mom/dad work/home/cell numbers! What a logistical nightmare!) I called Karl on his cell, and since it was the middle of the morning, he of course didn't answer (since he was teaching class and all), so I had to hang up and call the switchboard and get them to connect me to the phone in his room. Then we had the problem of having to getting his class covered so he could leave (since he has the car and all) to come get me so I could go home to Matthew. And then there was the Zach issue....who goes to a different sitter than Alaina/Matthew.......see what a mess this all is when schedules get interrupted? :D Karl couldn't find a sub for the rest of the day, so he was going to have to go back to he came and got me, and then I dropped him back off at his school.....then I went and picked up Zach.....had to stop and get gas ('cuz of course we didn't have any gas in the car!) and by the time I got to school, it was almost 11......almost 2 hours after I got the call. drat! but seriously, I got there as soon as I could....and I felt SO bad about that. But that's the drawback of our particular 45 minutes from where we work.....carpooling together so we only have 1 vehicle in the city......that was just the worst-case scenario of daycare/school/work issues! Thankfully, that doesn't happen very often!

So I ended up taking a half-day off work and hanging out here at home with a sick Matthew and Zach and Alaina. Matthew basically spent the rest of the day on the couch, but by dinnertime, he declared he was feeling better and wanted some toast to eat. And that was pretty much the extent of whatever he had. Funny how kids get over stuff so fast! :D And that was the excitement of the week really. I didn't know how serious what he had was or how long it would last or if the other 2 (or me/Karl) would get it, so we cancelled Alaina's flute lesson that night and our church study group for the next night. And of course by the morning he was completely fine!

And that pretty much sums up the week....unless you want to talk about the stacks of dirty dishes that await me upstairs or the MOUNTAIN of laundry sitting on the bed....

so here's the fun stuff......what have I scrapped this week? :D

Vicki's new store kit is called "Boho Chic" and it's got a great color scheme....and I used it to scrap another layout from our UK trip....of our hotel in Galway, Ireland...and I also used one of Sya's templates, Mix & Match set 2:

Another layout from the UK trip, of Grafton Street in Dublin. I didn't realize at that time that this is supposedly THE PLACE to go shopping in Dublin. We just wandered down it because it has the same name as the town we're from, and we loved seeing all the stores, etc. with the name Grafton this/that. We thought it was hilarious!

This layout from the UK trip is for the template challenge going on right now at Scrap Matters....this was such a pretty waterfall, I'm glad I got such a good picture of it:

Sya's new collab kit is called "Love, Life, Nature", and this is what I scrapped with it, again from the UK trip:

Another UK layout......I seemed to scrap a lot from that trip this week, huh? :D I just had to scrap these pictures (given to me by another participant) since I'm actuall IN them, which is hardly ever the case! Using Sya's newest template pack, "Linz-spiration"

Here's the rest of the pictures from the Auto Show a couple weeks ago:

And just for good measure, a layout from our cruise, also using the 'Linz-spiration' templates:

So that leaves me with my blessing for this week......if any of you read my 25 random things on Facebook, you'd know that I'm blind in my right eye.....but I still consider my sight a blessing.... I think only having one eye makes you appreciate it a little bit more! :D

And the countdown is on......Friday was the 1-month point for our Spring Break vacation to in less than a month we'll be at the Happiest Place on Earth celebrating Alaina's birthday!

That's basically it for me for this week......I'm looking forward to a little warmer weather coming was so nice last weekend, then it got all cold again....darnit! So bring on the warmer temps....I'm ready for spring! ttyl!

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Our Three Girls said...

The girls had that 10-hour stomach thing, too. So strange! This week we have strep throat and ear infections. Gotta love winter...