Monday, November 8, 2010

The Blogging Blahs....

Hello cyberspace, it's me again. I'm kinda bored with the blog, so I'm not sure how fun this post is going to be. I kind of wonder if anybody other than my husband and SIL are even reading it. I'm pretty sure nobody! And eh, that's okay. at least they can see my layouts this way! :D

So anyhoo, quick catchup on the ol' life. Soccer season is OVER! and now is that blessed time in between sports.......when soccer is done and baseball/softball is still far enough on the horizon I don't have to worry about cleats yet......this is a GREAT time of year for our family!

And because we don't like to be bored around this house.....I'm signing Alaina up for a children's choir that starts in January! lol......because with only 1 activity (flute lessons) to drive to all week long......I start to miss the inside of the family truckster! it's too much time to myself that I just can't handle......i'm not used to this freedom!!! It's madness......this sitting-at-home thing. So i had to put a stop to it. :D hahahahaahha.

But since choir doesn't start for another couple of months, I still have this blissful downtime to enjoy. life is good. I'm very proud of both Alaina and Matthew and how well they did on their soccer teams this year.

Speaking of that........I've got layouts of their team soccer pics! wahoo!

Both of these layouts were done with a kit by Chelle's Creations called "Kick It". I'm guest CT-ing for Chelle for this month, and I'm super excited because i just LOVE her stuff!!! I hope I don't get kicked off the team for downloading too much!

So here's Alaina and the Lady Dragons:

And Matthew and the Choppers:

And more layouts with Chelle's stuff (while I'm thinking about it):

with her DSD Grab Bag, which includes a kit called "Happy", I made these two:


With the kit "Jeepers Creepers", I made this:


Told ya I'm probably gonna get kicked off for 'over-scrapping' (if that's even possible!)

And for my poor, neglected other designer, Haynay.......I made this with her kit "A Pirate's Life" of the kids at Pirate's Lair at Disneyland last summer (gosh I really need to get this album done before the kids graduate!)

And this is with her template stack "Layers of Papers" of the kids with my Aunt Doris and Uncle Frank. They're such great people....I'm so glad we have them in our lives and the kids get to see them.

So that's me catching up with all the layouts I had to post. Wish there were more, as I'm sorely behind on my scrapping for the year! Darned job takes way too many scrapping hours away from me!!! :P


Frangipan said...

I came across your blog, I often wonder if anybody is reading mine. It is a little bit sad to think like that!

Jennifer said...

I read your blog. Being very new to this blog thing I was clicking on Nik's and came across yours. I trust that she will be my loyal follower too. Love your layouts.

Anonymous said...

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jgzilk said...

You need to stop defining yourself based on your children. You'll only find yourself sad and lonely when they inevitably leave for good. I'm sorry, but that time you spend alone should be cherished... Don't let others define you, find a hobby or something.

azhari said...

hai.. i hope you can more enjoy your life, because we know that life have come once time and noothing can change your life if we dont do everythink