Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pluggin' right along

I'll do my Potter trip report after this.....must do my CT plugs first! :D

First up, Haynay's latest kit: Love my Doll. Yes, I took a picture specifically for this layout. And I'm not ashamed of that, because I'd been meaning to do this anyways! Alaina got matching dresses for herself and her American Girl Doll for her birthday, and I wanted to make sure I got a picture of them in their matching this kit was the perfect incentive....oh, and I used the Chronicling Life Alpha as well:

This next one uses a whole bunch of Haynay's stuff: School's Out for Summer Combo Pack, School's Out for Summer Word Art, School's Out for Summer Elementary Papers, and a I also used a template of Sya's from the Just Pictures set. Wow, that's gotta be a record for plugs with one layout! :P
Here's Alaina and Matthew's last day of that it's almost time for them to go back!! :D

Here's the PreK graduation ceremony, that again Zach refused to sing at, but doesn't look cute? :D Using Sya's 'Just Pictures' template set again:

And that's it for the for the plug-less stuff I've scrapped:

Alaina's Girl Scout bridging ceremony from Brownies to Juniors:

The PreK class nature hike, where it rained most of the day and we mostly "hiked" inside:

And Zach's last day of school, where they had lots of wading pools set up to splash in and bubbles to play with:

So that's all the scrappin I managed to get done on the road to/from Florida....not as much as I'd hoped....but oh well.....

Next up....the Potter trip report......Muggles prepare thyselves!

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Shari said...

OT for scrapbooking - That zebra print dress was one of my favorite items in the new AG catalog. I've even been thinking I need to hit JoAnns and see if I can find some similar fabric.