Sunday, November 30, 2008

I survived: 20 Turkeys, Black Friday, and the FLU!

What a week! At least it was a short work-week, which is always fun! Still no news on the job search, but my boss did say that I can stay on my current group's roster until the end of March, so that gives me a little more time to find something else. But still....I HATE being in limbo. HATE IT! At least I know I still have a job, and for that I'm thankful!

And speaking of being thankful......I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! I was BUSY! and I mean BUSY! Karl and I both left work early to see the kids' thanksgiving program....Matthew was in the front row and got a sudden case of stage fright, so I thought for sure he'd clam up and not sing....but he did sing, just not loud enough for me to hear (and I was sitting in the front row!). He was so cute though!

Alaina's class did a little play about pilgrims and native americans.....I never read the script, choosing instead to be surprised during the actual play. I wish I'd read it now so I could've understood what the heck was going on! She insisted on wearing a dress, so she was looking a little more 'formal' than all her classmates, but oh well....that's my girly girl!

As soon as the program was over, we loaded up the van and headed to Fairfield to help my mom cook lots and lots and LOTS of thanksgiving dinners! We went out for chinese for dinner just to take a break from the turkey and such.....then mom and I went back up to the restaurant and were joined eventually by my SIL Stacy......the 3 of us were up there 'till past midnight getting stuff ready for the next day. We were exhausted. And what happens when I get totally run down? I get sick. So sure enough, Thanksgiving morning, I woke up sick. But there was no time to be sick! I got up and headed back out to help mom.

I THINK we served about 300 people on Thanksgiving day. It was a total blur to me! Nonstop cooking all morning long! We didn't run out of anything and there weren't any terrible accidents....I've got a few cuts and a few burns, but nothing serious. I burned my leg taking a turkey out of the oven.....there was a lot more broth in the pan than I thought there was, and the disposable pan buckled and I ended up getting doused with a lot of turkey broth straight from the oven! Ouch. that hurt! Thankfully the day was fairly short, and when the last meal went out the door at 1PM, we got to sit down and have our own dinner!

After lunch I was feeling worse, so I went back to my parents' house for a nap....which I never really got since the house is small and there were lots of people crammed into it! That night, I was kinda out of it from being sick, so all we really did was comb through the walmart ad so we could prepare for our black friday jaunt!

So Friday morning....Karl and I were up at 4:15AM. ridiculous, I know! We got to Walmart around 4:45 and it was packed full of people! And I mean PACKED! I think everybody in Fairfield (and the surrounding towns!) was there! We split up to make sure we were 'positioned correctly' to get the stuff we wanted. Karl went to electronics for some games, and I parked in front of the DVDs. I got yelled at twice by an employee for "peeking" through the plastic to see what was what.....whatever REALLY going to kick me out 5 minutes before the biggest shopping day of the year? yeah, i didn't think so!

We were quite successful with our shopping.....we got everything we wanted except for one tiny thing, and it wasn't even a 'necessity' really, so I'm not too upset about that. We stood in line FOREVER to check out.....and even after all that, it was still only 6:30AM! So we went to McDonald's for some breakfast, took some food home for everybody else.....and I climbed back into bed! The morning person (karl) didn't. The rest of Friday was spent just hanging out with Karl, Stacy, and the kids. I was feeling quite yucky, so I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I might've scrapped one page, but I didn't even feel like scrappin', so you KNOW I felt bad!

Friday evening, after dinner, we left for home.....Alaina said at dinner that she wasn't feeling very she didn't eat much of anything at dinner.......we got maybe 5 miles out of town and she pukes all over the place in the van. lovely! so we stripped her by the side of the road and put her PJs on her vs. making her wear puke clothes for the 2 1/2 hour ride I was sick....Alaina was obviously sick......and Zach's been fighting a cold for several days. FUN ride home! We got home around 10 I think.....we got Alaina in the shower and then we all crashed.

Saturday, I don't remember much of the morning.....Karl had left early to help Dean fix their bathroom......I was still feeling lousy, so the kids were up way before me......Matthew finally came in and woke me up 'cuz he was hungry. I spent the day working on the craft for the 'hanging of the green' service that was going to be the next day at church. I made the original and then traced out all the pieces onto felt (very sick of felt right now!) parents showed up after lunch and I put them to work cutting out pieces! so the craft project was done, and I think it turned out pretty cute........but I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it! that right there shows ya how out of it i was with the sickies!

After dinner Saturday night, mom and I decided to go to walmart so i could show her stuff to get the kids for christmas....and while we were there....I got worse. MUCH worse. The stomach flu hit. That was the longest shopping trip of my life! I got home from that and went straight to bed. And I've basically been sick ever since. I'm just NOW (about 24 hours later) feeling human again.
This morning was the first snowfall of the year, so the kids went out to play in it of course. i took some pictures and went back to bed....still feeling crummy. I had wanted to get our tree put up today, but that didn't happen. I didn't go to church either....I spent most of the day in bed. Thankfully my mom was here to help with the kids! Tonight was the hanging of the green service at church, and i probably should've stayed home, but I went to direct the craft i'd designed......and felt lousy most of the evening. and now i'm home again......still not feeling too great but at least now it's more of just the headcold I had on thursday/friday than the flu that i had yesterday. oh the fun never ends!!! so taht was my sickly holiday weekend! BAH!

So I'm running out of here's what i've scrapped lately:

Here's our trip to the Arch...made with the Primary Grunge kit that Vicki designed for yours huh?

And this one is of the kids when they built "santa's sleigh" out of a table, a chair, and a rocking horse in the basement......I posted the picture before, but here's the layout (using Vicki's Bright Christmas kit)

And this is from just this morning....I'm really shocked I got this one done! It's using a template from Sya's Grab bag she released on Black Friday......and using Vicki's Winter Wonderland kit that she'll be releasing soon (I might be posting it early for her kit, if so, sorry Vicki!)

And here's my blessing for the Uncle Bill and Aunt Lill. Uncle Bill is the only uncle I have (aside from the husbands of aunts, but you know what I mean)....he's my dad's brother and the live in Florida, but they've been up here visiting for the last month or so and they spent Thanksgiving with us. I remember going to their house as a kid for our vacation and going out on their sailboat and them taking us to the beach......

so that's it for now....heading off to bed now since I need the rest and don't have any sick days to use! bah! :(


Our Three Girls said...

Glad you are feeling a little bit better! Geez...I'm impressed you did all of that while you were sick. By the way, Alaina will be getting a letter from Tatum as soon as Tatum's mom remembers to put it in the mail. Sorry, Alaina!

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