Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good News and Bad News

the Good News: Barack Obama is our President-elect! YAY! My brother owes me $50 for this little piece of history per our bet from many many months ago.......the bet was over which we'd see first: An African-American MAN be President, or a White FEMALE......and I told him that the glass ceiling is still firmly in place and I took the former position, and looky what we have now! So pay up, Deano! :P I voted, bright and early, on Tuesday morning, and even at our tiny polling place the line was abnormally long. And we got those fancy schmancy new optical scanners........but what about CHAD? Oh I'll miss you, my friend the 'hanging chad'......before the 2000 election, who even knew those little bits of paper had a NAME, right? So anyways, it was a very amazing day....I spent the night online seeing friends comment on our Facebook pages.....refreshing CNN (even though the TV was tuned to it 6 feet away)......and was shocked at how 'not-even-close' the race ended up being. Now.......let's go change the country, shall we? Yes We Can!

now....the Bad News: I got the news Monday morning (as to "not ruin your weekend" per my manager, gee thanks) that as of Jan. 1, '09, I am being "reassigned" in "you're kicked out of our group, go find another job"......well, maybe that's not exactly what it means. But since the funding for my project was cut, they decided to cut me too. Ouch. I wasn't expecting this at all, since I didn't have a 'project' at this same time last year either, but they managed to find something for me to do all of THIS year....I just assumed the same thing would happen again. But that's not the way they're going. So as of the end of the year, I'll no longer be working in Phantom Works. *sniff* I'm really bummed about that. Phantom Works has a certain clout, ya know?

Don't freak out or anything....I still have a JOB.......SOMEWHERE......I just don't know WHERE yet. According to my boss, she will be working with another manager to find me an opening with another department. I'm a little bitter about the whole thing right now, as I'm feeling like I'm some sort of leper that they're trying to forget that wierd relative you want to disown in public......know what I mean? So anyways, I've applied for every job opening I've seen internally that I'm qualified for....and a few that I'm NOT qualified for. As long as I'm still getting a paycheck, I guess I'm content for now. I just don't like being in limbo. I went through this once before on another program, and the process stunk then too. So as of now, I feel homeless, so to speak. I will miss my coworkers horribly....we've become a pretty tight-knit group and it takes me forever to make friends.....I dread the thought of starting over with new people.....and it's doubtful I'll get put into a group as nice as this one was. And then there was the schedule thing I had going.....being able to work from home on Thursday/Friday was such a nice thing for me and our family. Most likely that's going to disappear too, as most other organizations aren't as 'open minded' as Phantom Works is. So I'm bummed about that too. And then most likely I'll have to switch buildings, which will increase our commute time.....yada yada yada.....the whole thing is just stinky, stinky, STINKY!!! BAH!

so that's my whine for now.......I have pages to post, but I'm just not in the mood. I'll do it another day. Wanted to get that mini-rant off my chest for now.


Our Three Girls said...

I'm so sorry! That stinks! Glad you still have a job though. Way to look on the bright side.

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