Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wabbit Season!

Some days life in the 'sticks' is just way too exciting for me! This evening, as I was fixing dinner, Karl comes running in asking me if I "had a second"......"SURE", I thought......"dinner will just magically appear on the table.....I don't have to stand here and actually COOK it!" (sense any sarcasm there? nah!). I told him (nicely) that I was busy. He informs me that there's a rabbit caught in our fence and that I needed to help him free it. Why?, I'm a 5 lb. rabbit too much for him to handle? :) I declined again and went back to dinner. I was hungry...priorities ya know!

A few minutes later, Alaina is banging on the sliding glass door yelling at me to get the camera and take a picture of daddy and "the bunny". Now THAT I will take a break to do. I went out on the deck to see Karl proudly holding the most freaked-out rabbit I think I've ever seen (aside from a few I hit driving my car in the country as a teenager, but let's not reminisce, m'kay?). So here's Karl and his "prize"

Wait a second! Those are MY GARDENING GLOVES! HEY!!! He better be washing those! so that was enough excitement for one evening, don't ya think?

Sunday, while we were in Fairfield, my mom was in charge of the church service and it was all music....woohoo, I said. I volunteered Alaina for her first solo, and she was scared to death:
She sang "this little light of mine" with the veggie tales soundtrack, and aside from mixing up the order of the verses, did very well. I was very proud of her! She's got a really good voice (nope, not a bit biased!)..she sings way better than I did at that age. Need to look into some vocal lessons this fall I think. Oh, and check out that dress.....the "formerly-stained-with-ravioli" one. God bless the bleach pen!

Monday night was Alaina's brownie troop outing to see High School Musical Live at the Muny in St. Louis. I'm telling ya, we need to do one of those "staycations"....'cuz there's just a whole lot of amazing places in this city that we've never beautiful is this:

We'd never been to the Muny, and were definitely impressed. It's a beautiful outdoor theatre. We had a great time at the show. The girls got loaded up with all kinds of junk food, then sang their little lungs out along with the show. Alaina got so loud that more than once I was covering her mouth to quiet her...sheesh! But the girls had an absolute blast......DUH, it WAS HSM! And even as we were leaving, Alaina was singing on the way back to the car....we need a casting call for the Disney Channel for this girl, like right now! We got home really late, but it was so worth it to see Alaina and her friends have so much fun!

And yes, I DID get yelled at for taking these pictures. In my defense, the tickets didn't say anything about taking pictures, only "video". The program said no FLASH photography. The announcement before the show said no photographing the SHOW because of some blah blah blah contract with the actors. So I figured I was TECHNICALLY okay taking the pictures I took. I only took this one picture of the SET....and pictures of the kids in their seats. The usher informed me that you couldn't take ANY pictures INSIDE the theatre. A little clarification on the policy please! Help me out Sarah! Do I have a case? :P But anyways, at the curtain call, when I saw 500 flashes go off behind me, I said, "phooey" (you're right, those were NOT my exact words!), and to heck with their "policy"....

I figured they couldn't catch me in that mob of people! So we had fun, legalities aside! And of course I've already scrapped the event:

And yes, I scanned our program and one of our tickets for the layout. That way, when Karl says, "WHY are we keeping this?", in regards to 5 Playbills and 5 tickets, I can let him throw them away knowing it's preserved on a scrapbook page at least. Hooray for my scanner!


Curry Favor said...

i don't know about that, unfortunately, but i think you've got a great argument! go with it! karl is really brave to hold the rabbit - although i suppose yr gardening gloves made it a little less scary!

Sarah & Scott said...

oh, that was me....sorry! posting under scott's name!


Our Three Girls said...

HSM looks like so much fun! My girls would have loved it! Alaina is very brave! Tell her congratulations on her first solo.