Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rainy Seattle and Tball games!

Just returned from spending almost the entire week in Seattle...on business of course. BLAH! I tried to have as much fun as possible, you know me!!'s the view of the Rockies from my seat on the plane....not too shabby!

And while we were out there....we had nonstop meetings for 2 days. The gnome took notes for me since I didn't feel like it:

Then on the last night, a bunch of guys from our team and myself (the only female...I'm an engineer, remember? I'm always the only female in the group!) went to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner. I'd never had moroccan food before (excluding Epcot...which I don't think counts really), but thought it'd be fun. One of my favorite teammates from southern California, Mike, sat next to me and was a blast to have dinner with....although he didn't quite get the whole self-portrait-with-the-camera you can see here:

But after seeing how stupid he looked, he insisted on redeeming here's the better version:

And if you're ever curious as to what an entire bottle of wine on an expense account looks like....this is it: (hehehehehehehe!)

So that was my week in rained (shocker!), but I was stuck inside at meetings anyways. Had some good food with the coworkers, learned a lot about what I'm suppposed to be doing at the job......and got to see teammates I don't see very often (since we're scattered all over the country!)

And while I was gone.....I missed out on lots of fun with the kids...apparently there was a lot of ice cream involved...which is what happens when Daddy is left in charge! The kids had fun.....but missed me I'm sure! :) Worst of all, I missed Matthew's first t-ball game. I was VERY bummed out about that....but Karl was super-dad...not only did he video the entire thing for me to watch later, but he took pictures as well.......AND kept on track of Zach. SuperDad indeed!

How cute is this?


Tinker326 said...

That IS the cutest little T-Ball player ever. See I finally signed up so I can leave you messages! :)

Sarah & Scott said... actually looks like you had fun on your work trip! i love those self-portraits with the point and shoot know those are my fave!

Our Three Girls said...

What a SuperDad! I love the t-ball pictures. Looks like Matthew will be a natural. Glad your trip wasn't horribly boring...