Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day weekend

I didn't ask for anything for Mother's Day....because if there's ever anything I really want, either I'll just go buy it, or Karl will! I asked for him to help the kids make me something.....which didn't happen, just as I figured. So that means that if I want some cutesy, homemade craft-type thing, I'll have to help them do it myself. Which I probably will, because I love that stuff. So I'll probably do that this coming weekend as a belated Mother's Day present to myself. Karl got me the Julie Andrews biography.....I don't recall asking for it, but I know I'll enjoy reading it since I love Julie Andrews, and heck, you know I love anything British! :P Seriously, I was Jane Austen's cousin in my former life. I KNOW I was!

The kids did make me cards at school...and Alaina made me a tissue paper flower. Plus, I got lots of hugs and kisses and a much-needed nap on Mother's Day afternoon (after being up late and early with a sick toddler, I earned that nap, darnit!), and Karl went out and got chinese takeout for dinner, so at least I didn't have to cook!

And we're ALMOST done with getting my parents' house ready to sell.....we spent last weekend removing wallpaper, ripping out carpets and painting. And looky what I found in my bedroom...I was SO EXCITED! I remember this wallpaper from when I was a little girl, and seeing it again was just so much fun for me. (lame, I know)
And for the record, I despise is EVIL. 30-year-old wallpaper is the worst too!

Last Thursday was the PreK family bike ride. I didn't ride a bike, because, well....that would've been less than graceful! I speed walked and kept up with the kids on their bikes just fine. Oh yeah, and it was raining the entire time...Matthew had his Spongebob raincoat on, and I had a hard time not laughing at the absurdity of riding a bike in the rain like, he looked so funny! The kids had a blast though, rain or not!
How cute is that, seriously?


Sarah & Scott said...

your kids are getting so big! i can't believe zach! let me know how the homemade mother's day present goes!

Our Three Girls said...

I love the cards with the handprints the best! Nothing better than a gift made by the kids! :) We're headed to Tessa's preschool graduation tonight. Tell Matthew congratulations on his big graduation!