Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Yeah, I know. I haven't updated this thing in AGES.....and oh has been so ungodly hectic I just literally have not found the time to sit down and blah-blah-blog about my life in gory detail......HOWEVER....since i would rather blog than clean my house....sit back and be prepared to get caught up on the Wonderful World of Herman (hmmm, that sounds like a brilliant reality TV show, no?)

In addition to the usual stuff going on: scouts, flute, choir, church, we've had a few major things happen the last couple months......and now, oh's ball season! Softball games start THIS WEEK (seems kinda early to me!), and tball and baseball will be starting up shortly. How I'm going to manage to be at 3 games at the same time is still up in the air, but I will do my best since I strive to be Supermom like that!

So let's start back where I left off with the blogging.....

Late February (sheesh, that's really bad, even for me).......Karl did the Polar Bear Plunge again for Special Olympics. This year he dressed up as Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. You don't want to know the lengths we had to go to to get a cheetah-print speedo in his size......and I would argue there's a valid reason for that:


Alaina had her 10th birthday:

I cannot believe my baby girl is 10 years old. a whole DECADE has gone by and I swear it's just not possible. She wanted a Monster High coffin that's what I made...and compared to some cakes I've tackled in the past, this one wasn't too bad! She loved it, of course. She and her friends were too much in a hurry to get to the pool anyways......

My girl scout troop went to a lock-in at the St. Louis Science Center.....what a FUN night! Such a great experience!

And our toop met the Mayor during national Girl Scout week:

We had a food drive:

And were honored by the City of Grafton for our contribution to the food pantry:

(yes, I love getting photo ops for my Girl Scout's my goal to get us in the paper every week, bwahahahahahaha!)

And here's another one.......our troop made and sent origami Cranes to the Girl Scouts of Japan after the earthquake/tsunami:

And not to diss the boys.......Matthew's cub scout pack's Blue and Gold Banquet:

Karl was ordained to the office of Priest:

And Zach's preK class went bowling:

So that brings us up to April....

Horseback riding for my troop:

Alaina's final concert for the semseter in the Riverbend Chilren's Chorus. She had SUCH a fun time in the chorus.....we will totally be signing up again for this in the fall.....I'm tempted to join the adult chorus! :D

I took the Juniors of our troop to a Wildlife workshop at the Treehouse Wildlife Rescue Center:

Karl and I went to hear President Veazey's annual address at the Temple:

Zach's PreK class had an Easter egg hunt and party:

And today is, of course, Easter from our (yes, we are completely color-coordinated) family to yours:

Have a Blessed Easter.


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