Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Weekend Surprise!

Another week come and was a fairly uneventful week for the most part. Work was work.....settling into the new job okay. And that's all I'm going to say about it publicly, if you catch my drift! The economy is too stinky for me to be complaining too loudly about my job. For now I'm just gonna keep my head down, do my job, and do my griping to my dear SIL Nicole! (lucky her, huh?)

Saturday was the beginning of swimming lessons again.....and this was the first time we signed Zach up for a class. And since it was a 'water babies' class, one of us had to get in the water with him....and since Karl's teaching a class on Saturday mornings had to be me. YAY! getting into a swimsuit in public....MY FAVORITE THING (oh, are you sensing the sarcasm there?), it was like 2 degrees outside......with wet hair. yay again. BAH! Is it spring yet?

So anyways, swimming lessons went fine. Zach's class started at 10, Matthew's started at 10:45, and Alaina's at 11:30. So our Saturdays for the next several weeks will be filled with several hours in and by the pool. Then we all came home and had a quick lunch....I sat down to finish up a layout I was working on and then went downstairs to update my iPod and the doorbell rang.

Assuming it was the Jehovah's Witness that'd come by a couple weeks ago and said she'd be back, I yelled up the stairs, "I'm not here!" (I know, I'm awful, but I just wasn't in the mood for it.) And then I heard Alaina yell "Nanny!" I knew that my parents had come to visit. And the house was a pigsty and a half.

So while I appreciate the surprise of Karl talking my parents into coming out for the weekend to visit......I hate having the house trashed for company....even if it is just my family! My parents wanted to drive around to look for eagles, so we went out and did that......then we drove to town to take Matthew to town for a swimming birthday party. Then we went out to dinner, and back home to just hang out. My mom had brought a big box of OLD family photos, so we went through those (since I'm the one that is "into this stuff", I've been designated family "historian" I guess), and I probably should've written stuff down....but I"ll probably be doing a lot of scanning of old pictures here one of these days.

Then today, we went to church, went out to lunch and then spent a fun afternoon at the St. Louis Science Center. And yay me.....Karl wanted to buy a membership (for the discounts and freebies, etc. etc. etc.), but I found it hilarious that as a science TEACHER he didn't get any kind of discount on a membership.....but as a Boeing employee, I got it for HALF OFF! hahahahahaha! So we're now members. Yay us. We went to see an Omnimax movie (which are always cool...this one was about the Great Lakes), and then went to see Sue, the T-Rex, and then to the childrens' play area until it was time to leave. It was a very fun afternoon!! I'll have to post pics later as I just haven't gotten around to downloading them off the camera yet, and it's getting late! :P

We called in for pizza on our way home and now here we are....just sitting around and talking again. They'll leave in the morning after we leave for work. The kids love having them around, and it really perks up my dad to be with them, so it was a good idea for them to come out. My mom helped pull out a loose tooth of Alaina's (I just can't do that....not sure WHY, I just can't pull teeth....eww!) They'll be out here again next weekend 'cuz we're taking dad to the St. Louis Auto Show, so that'll be something fun for the kids to look forward to.

So here's what I scrapped this week........a slow week for scrappin' really. First up, with Vicki's new kit, 'Down by the Lily Pond' is this one, of us seeing the eagle at the visitor's center in Alton last weekend. This are is the winter-time home of bald's a huge thing here. Lots of tourists with their cameras out and about all the we always take the kids to go see one up close and personal:

Next up, with Sya's new template pack, 'Room for Photos 2', I scrapped these:

This one is of the kids' Christmas program on our cruise....Alaina was picked to sing a solo and she (and definitely ME) were so proud of her for that! She sang it perfectly (having that pefect pitch that I will totally take credit for!) and had a blast:

This one is the night we ported in San Juan. Still bummed about being there only at night....WTH? :P I have no doubt we'll be back on another cruise someday, and I"ll pay more attention to the itenerary so I'll know in advance if we'll be there during the daylight hours when stuff is actually open!!! uhm, DUH! But I got a couple cute pics of the kids and Karl:

This one uses 'Room for Photos' as well as Sya's new kit, called "The Boys are Back"'s of Zach and our old dog, Keely.....Alaina and Matthew think it's hilarious that Zach will give Keely kisses and Keely will give doggie kisses right back.....ewwww! :P

And this last one with Sya's new template pack was from our UK trip.....I found this picture of Me/Karl when going through the pictures that one of the other chaperones had taken and given us copies of...and since there are so very few pictures with ME in them......I had to do something with it! The other pictures are just random shots taken on the same day.....

And that leaves me with my blessing for the week.......and since I went to the trouble to write an article for the paper on it......and broke company rules by watching the inauguration from work......and am just so darned excited about it in general.....I chose my blessing for this week to be our new President:

the journaling is just excerpts from the letter I wrote on Tuesday, and you can scroll to the previous post for that!

So that's it for me...another weekend gone and another work-week awaits! It actually snowed today, so the kids were excited (this is only our 2nd snowfall of the year....did you hear that up there in Chicago?).....they're assuming they'll get a snow day, but I don't think so!!!! Now it's off to bed! Take care everyone and perhaps I'll be back tomorrow to post those pictures from today! :P


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